Our Services

You can depend on us for thorough servicing and repairs at competitive prices.
Norfolk Garage Ltd of Norwich services and repairs all makes and models of cars.

Our servicing is always thorough and includes items such as fluid check and top-up, power steering brake and fluid check and fuel filter replacement.
Our aim is to provide a quality car mechanic service at an affordable price.
Norfolk Autos
Norfolk Autos

Full MOT preparation & testing

Do you know if your vehicle is roadworthy? We offer Ministry of Transport checks and tests to ensure that your car complies with …

New and part worn tires

Are you looking to replace your tires? We sell new tires and also replace old and worn ones. Remember to check your tires now and then to …

Air con

A car air conditioner should always be in perfect working condition. A working air conditioner ensures that your car’s interior is comfortable

Car Servicing

It’s vital to service your car regularly, even if it does not have any issues. Sometimes, problems may be evident to the untrained …

Car Repairs

Are any of your car’s interior or exterior parts broken? Don’t rush to the car showroom to buy a new car yet, because we can help…

Fluid check and top-up

Your car needs quality fuel to keep your engine functioning well. We check your cars’ fuel to ensure that its clean and won’t pose …

Fuel Filter Replacement

Changing your fuel filter is essential for ensuring that your engine consumes clean fuel. Our technicians have the expertise …

Mechanical Repairs

We repair cars to ensure that every part is in perfect condition. The following are some of our mechanical repair services …

Performance Upgrades

Do you want to increase your car’s horsepower? Visit us, and we’ll make your vehicle achieve maximum results. We’ll also …